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Introducing a fresh new look to the Dutch Review site, from tech and design.

The Challenge

Migrate the outsourced platform to a new tech stack and start making everything in-house for fast development, while operating in parallel the old site.

Slow phase transition for a well-stablished brand to prevent losing customers, but to be well prepared in the long term. After that, the next milestone is to improve the product with data-driven decisions.

UI Components

By creating a reusable set of components, help us pair with designers and make design more consistent.

The use of a style guide also enables to use it as a documentation and reference for the whole company, as it reflects the latest stage of what the team is working on.

Eventually, components enable us to iterate faster on new ideas, throw code away, improve, relearn until we achieved a better outcome during tests and new releases.



Work close with designers and help them standardize the site UI by creating a set of reusable components, create A/B tests, BDD and Unit Tests, play around with CI Pipeline and Jenkins, connect API's to our new Node JS system, among many other tasks.


Javascript Love to ES6, React, Redux, Fluxible, Node, Express. ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ. Cucumber JS, Selenium, and Browserstack. Aws, Google Cloud, CodeShip, Jenkins, Fastly.