Carrier Billing App Store

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A brand new android app store for low-end devices, featuring curated content from Opera and local independent developers.

The Challenge

Create a web app store for low-end devices that will maintain the brand across several Latin America countries.

Make an easy flow for buying apps with carrier billing.

Maintain and operate a multi-country store, with different legal and development requirements, depending on the country operator.

Create a white-label web app that we could easily reuse for other brands, and help us catch up with operations and new feature development with a small team.

Ember Blueprint & Addons

The blueprint enables us to isolate the full design main components and functionality so that we could extend more features with add-ons without refactoring all the time.

This will enable us to keep up with the face of the Ember project, which was releasing a new version every 6 months.

Add-ons help us integrate easily a wide variety of SDKs, no refactoring, just installing and let the magic happen.

Ember Js let us grow with the project, escalate quickly, and smoothly by following their conventions, which was better for the team in the long term in maintainability.



Work in a small in house start-up at Naranya Innovation as a developer, working mainly with Ember JS, and supporting designers to validate the UI general experience and design.

Help integrate services with other teams, work closely with marketing departments and also had the opportunity to learn and help some start-ups at Naranya Labs - Incubation.


Rails, PostgreSQL, Heroku, Ember Js, Scss, RabbitMQ.